Nightlife in Belgrade

Belgrade probably doesn't come to mind as o­ne of Europe's top destination for clubbing, after-hours drinking, live music or other evening entertainment, but over the last few years, the city has emerged as a spot for those interested finding hip capitals of European cool, particularly at affordable prices.

Belgrade's many clubs play a wide variety of music, from jazz to world music, European hits to pulsating techno beats. The Andergraund Club, o­ne of the city's best-known establishments, offers colorful crowds and the chance to dance until the early morning in an underground cavern. Bietef Art Cafe is less frenetic, but just as famous for its nightly mix of soul and jazz music. In summer, many barges in Novi Belgrade or o­n the Sava River open up to visitors. These floating clubs and bars play the latest Balkan mixes of folk and funk, serve hip drinks and unusual foods and offer inexpensive people-watching opportunities. If a bar or a quieter cafe is more your style, the city offers plenty of drinking choices. Ben Akiba, a bar in a converted apartment, attracts the city's intelligentsia for cocktails, while beer aficionados can find a selection of their favorites at Three Carrots, o­ne of Belgrade's more popular Irish bars. You can wind up a long night out at cafes like the vintage-themed Russian Czar, with its 19th-century decor and rich desserts.

Like any scene, though, the nightlife in Belgrade is ever-changing. A club that is hopping o­ne week may be defunct the next. To find the right place to go, ask around in local boutiques for recommendations o­n cafes and clubs, or just ask someone who looks like they are in the know. Luckily, since Belgrade is generally a very safe city, you should encounter little danger as you explore the city's nighttime pleasures.