Kopaonik National Park

Located in central Serbia, Kopaonik National Park runs through 45.6 square miles of the Kopaonik Mountains, o­ne the largest mountain ranges in Serbia. This area was established as a national park in 1981. The highest peak in the park is Pancic’s Peak, which is 6,617 feet above sea level. The park is in a plateau region called Suvo Rudiste that sits beneath the mountains, making a beautiful contrast with the surrounding peaks.

This whole park is distinguished by its magnificent forests, wide areas of grasslands, and the variety of trees that can be found here. The Samokovska River has forged some beautiful gorges through a scenic vallely and because of the steep run of the river, it forms a number of rapids as well as picturesque waterfalls.

The area of the Kopaonik Mountains was o­nce a bustling mining area for the Saxons in the medieval era. The park area is full of medieval fortresses that were constructed by different Serbian dynasties that ruled in this particular area. Maglic is the nearest medieval castle to the park area.

Today, sports, especially winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, bring visitors to Kopaonik National Park regularly. There are 24 ski lifts and Gondolas and 43 miles of trails for all levels of skiers. The area gets plenty of snowfall, making ideal skiing conditions during the winter months.

This ski resort offers something for everyone. There are luxury hotels, plenty of restaurants and cafes, and a nightlife consisting of clubs, bars, and entertainment. Kopaonik is easily accessible from the main roads in Serbia. The closest international airport is in Nis.