Located in the eastern part of the nation, Homolje is a small region of Serbia known for its dramatic, mountainous terrain, rural charm, and deep sense of history. Over the last decade, it has become an important center of tourism because it offers a sense of nature that appeals to those seeking respite from buzzing Belgrade and other Serbian cities. Including Homolje in your Serbian itinerary will allow you to see some of the country's last unspoiled natural landscapes and experience rural traditions.

Homolje has become known worldwide for its efforts at promoting eco-tourism, which allow visitors access to remote natural landscapes while ensuring these places are sustained for generations to come. Many of the region's organic farms offer tours to visitors, and, in most of Homolje's small villages, farms and small guesthouses offer simple, yet charming and inexpensive accommodations to travelers. Because Homolje lacks the urban infrastructure of other parts of Serbia, this is your best option for lodging while enjoying the region. Homoje also grows Serbia's best herbs and produce, and many of the markets in villages such as Seliste and Duboka offers visitors a chance to sample cheeses, mushrooms and other local specialties.

The Homolje Mountains are among Serbia's most dramatic, and they give adventurous travelers a chance to combine their interests in Serbian culture and history with outdoor recreation such as hiking, birding and mountain climbing. While experienced climbers and hikers can find plenty of peaks and paths to explore in the region, many tour companies offer all-day hiking trips that give visitors access to out-of-the way sights such as Ceremošnja Cave near Kusovo, or the 14th-century Tuman Monastery. The many caves in the region attract spelunkers and other cave enthusiasts from around the world. Skiing, hunting, and fishing are also at their best in Homolje.